Now a days it’s very hard to have a secret.
Social sites sell our souls to the people we least want. It may be our bosses, enemies, families or like in my case, my friends. We all have secrets, if we like to admit it or not we have them. We may not even realize until someone mentions it and you freeze, your heart beating like that of a humming bird, so fast you feel faint and then you see, that was your secret, and now it’s nobodies.

You may think it sounds sad that I keep secrets from my friends but that’s because you haven’t sat in my seat, walked in me shoes as they say, or felt the things I have. Some have, many have felt worse, but this is my way of dealing with it all. Everybody has one, some cry about it to everybody, some scream and some turn silent. I feel that if I smile everything will be okay. Smile they say, they’ve all told me to smile my whole life and it’s finally become an automatic reaction to bullsh*t.


So here I go, day to day, talking about my problems once and then pretending to put them behind me like a normal person. Walking forward and smiling.

SO anyway, here is going to be my world, I shall say what I like, as many times as I like and when I feel like doing it. I don’t expect many to read this, I hope to be lost in ciberspace, free to talk and vent to the world whilst being completely invisible. It’s a rare treat and I shall savour it.

Welcome passersby, welcome lost boys.

I am Rain and this is my fire escape.


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