Silence please.

I was always told to think before I spoke and because of that never said many things I should have, some haunt me to this day some make me laugh and thank my parents for making me learn that lesson. In school they plead with us to unleash our minds, to be creative and show what we think when we write, to act on our beliefs then we leave school and that becomes social suicide fast track. In work areas we are to be quiet unless asked otherwise and even then we would be stupid to say what we really thought. Trick questions asked, how are you, how do you feel, do you think this is correct, how do you do this, did so and so say this… Holes they allow us to dig for ourselves and later fall in on all fours and scramble around in the dark that suddenly surrounds us in that moment of desperation. Should I tell the truth or what you want to me to say? Should my opinion be voiced or locked in a box, only to come out in the form of steam later on… So many things we’re told to keep quiet, we’re turned into human time bombs, only to explode once alone or with loved ones. Damage control unavailable at the time of the accident…

Silence that creates broken people, broken spirit and broken hearts.

Silence that can heal a wound, that can reassure the uneasy or triple the fear.

Is it for the best or is that just another lie we tell ourselves to allow our cowardice? 

Is it easier to keep quiet or to shout?

If we didn’t silence our voices so often would the world be a better place or a worse one?

Truthes that either make or break us.

When is the time to decide?


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