Time for myself… I don’t mean to go to a spa or anything like that, I just mean space, to think, to breathe a sigh and not have someone ask why. It’s so rare… So hard to come by and so necessary.

I feel really sad today. One of my primary school teachers came into where I work, as a waitress, floor staff at a local zoo, it’s a cool place and I love working there but she was so disappointed to see me there and I sort of am now too. I wanted so much when I was younger, a higher education being a must on my list and I never got there, never made it and it terrifies me to think I may never get there. I say I will but, will I really? After working so long, dreary desk jobs and harassing waitress ones…Will I really be able to go back to studying, if so, how?

I just have so many things on my mind and saying them out loud just seems to make them so much worse.
I just want to run away. Again.


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