I have always been a person with an active mind, not in a productive way, more of a chaotic way, thoughts swirl around, criss-crossing over in curves, lines, dots, they intertwine and divide making specific thought sometimes hard to achieve. Creativity however has never been a problem thanks to this colourful abyss that is my mind.

One thing that often plays in my head is the past, it’s something no-one can escape, we create one since the moment we become a union of sperm and egg.

Now perspective plays a huge role here as it depends how you look back. There’s the regretful people and the ones who think that everything that happens has a reason, there’s also the person who says never looks back, it’s bullshit, we all do.

Decisions, the risks you didn’t take, people, tragedies, they all sit there in the mind, you can either learn from them or let them swallow you whole.

People have a curious effect on me, and here my mind disappeared and I have no idea what I was talking about but as it was obviously something I’ll publish it and come back to that thought.

*Puts pin in it*


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